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B & G Structural Engineers provide structural engineering reports, designs and advice in Olney and throughout Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northampton. With 40 years experience in the team, the company can draw on the depth of knowledge you need. All work is prepared by a Chartered Structural Engineer bringing confidence to your project.

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Town Farm

A medieval farm in the centre of Harold. The scheme is to develop existing farm barns into residential accommodation. The photograph shows the sympathetic use of the existing 17th century external walls of the barn moulded into a building for the 21st century.

27 Stanley Road

A late 19th century terrace property. The clients request was to extend the kitchen. We designed the beams and columns so the walls could be removed. 

Kerry House

A traditional Georgian House on the village Green at Bromham. This building been upgraded throughout the years with the last substantial upgrade thought to be 50 years ago. The new owners need the bedrooms above the old milking parlour upgrade to more modern appeal, reforming the entrance and staircase and providing underfloor heating. And, also lifting low door heads to accommodate the new owner who is 6′ 4″!

Kerry House Internal

102 Cotswold Avenue

Structural Reports

We provide detailed structural reports adopting the requirements of the Institution of Structural Engineer’s guide “Surveys and Inspections of buildings and associated structures. The reports give a thorough health check of the building giving advice and guidance as to any repairs need to be undertaken.


All our work is independently checked so may take a little longer than other companies. However a structural report would be ready in seven days from visiting the building with drawings and calculations taking two weeks.

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We design building foundations - traditional and piled foundations for extra strength

Building Control

We design house extensions and loft conversions to match the needs of a growing family.

Structural Refurbishment of Office Building

We undertake structural design when buildings are refurbished in this case providing detailed advice removing the supporting walls and installing new beams and pile foundations.

Marine Terrace

We designed the repair work to this early 19th Century cast iron canopy porch taking care to retain the historical features.


We prepare building plans for extensions and small buildings including applying for Planning Approval on your behalf.

Structural Design

We provide validation reports and calculations to obtain Part A of the Building Regulation. We can make the application for Building Regulation approval on your behalf.


We are passionate to achieve the right solution to your needs. We start by developing with you a full client brief agreeing on what you expect and require. From there we follow through using the latest guides and codes of practice to acquire a quality solution at an economic price. We adopt a high level of checking and validation to ensure we fully achieve your objectives in a reasonable and timely manner.


We can provide a full structural report detailing any issues with your building or a more limited report giving advice regarding a specific item of concern.
We do not do intrusive investigations but our report will include recommendations of any further more specialist work needed.


Reports are prepared for building defect surveys such as wall cracking, doors jamming and floors bulging. Reports will assess the cause of the defect and the remedial measures needed to correct the defect.


We undertake the design and drawings of new domestic houses, extensions and loft conversions. We prepare designs in timber, brickwork, concrete and steel to the relevant British and European Standards using the latest software available.

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Structural Engineers, Near Me, Olney.